Getting started

BoldSign is an eSignature software with an intuitive RESTful API that can be accessed using any server-side programming language. It allows you to access and build your own application that interacts with the BoldSign eSignature API.

We designed our REST API to be concise and straightforward. You can achieve any action with a single API call, and there is no need to make multiple API calls to send a single signature request.

The BoldSign API outputs data in JSON format is stateless, and verifies each request against an API key or OAuth access token. You can manually retrieve the API key via the BoldSign Web App.

The following video provides an overview of BoldSign APIs, including how to get started and its key features

Developer sandbox account

You can completely explore and test the BoldSign features by creating a free developer sandbox account. Refer to this article for more details.

Key features

The following are some of the key features of BoldSign.

Branded eSignature solution

Customize the appearance for your signers by incorporating your brand's logo, colors, and legal terms. You can also add and manage multiple brands within a single account and select the appropriate brand before sending each document.

Read more about branding.

Embedded requesting and signing

You can embed a fully customizable document sending and/or signing process within your application with custom branding and an email workflow.

Read more about embedded request.Read more about embedded signing.

Text tags

Positioning signature or input fields through x- and y-coordinates in a dynamic document is a complex task even for seasoned developers. Using our text tag feature, developers can put invisible text in the place of fields, and the BoldSign API will automatically convert those to actual fields before sending.

Read more about text tags.

Send document on behalf

Sending documents on behalf of others is one of the most wanted features for multitenancy or SaaS software companies. This is so simple, get consent from your client and send the document on behalf of your client.

Read more about on behalf document.

Templates creation

The template creation process can be embedded into your application. Your users don’t need to leave your application.

Read more about templates.


Save your computer resources by using BoldSign webhooks to listen for any changes in document statuses. Our webhooks are fault-tolerant and highly reliable. That is, even if your services are down in an unlikely event, we will retry the webhooks for 8 hours.

Read more about webhooks.

Manage users & teams

Manage users and teams by inviting users to the team, resending or canceling invitations, updating user details, and more.

Read more about users.Read more about teams.

Manage documents

Manage the documents sent out for signature, organize, download document, audit trail, delete, and more options.

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