Text tags Introduction

BoldSign text tags are a combination of text and symbol that can be placed anywhere in the document by specifying the location, size, and type of form fields. It is an alternative way to add fields to your documents through API requests.

In order to detect text tags in a document, set the property UseTextTags to true in the SendForSign request. This will convert all tags defined in the document into UI form fields, which can then be filled by the signers.

When the UseTextTags property is enabled, there is no need to set the form fields property for every recipient. The fields will be auto filled based on text tags present in the document.

UseTextTagsbooleanThe unique id of the document.

Note: The text tags that are placed in the document will not be removed, so it is recommended to set the color of the text tags to match the background color (mostly, it will be white on white).

Text tag syntax

The text tag is a text element wrapped in {{ }}, tags must begin with {{ and end with }}. The tag data is separated by a pipe "|" symbol.

The first section of the syntax defines the field type such as signature or text, the second section indicates the signer index to which the field must be assigned, and the third section specifies whether the field is required or optional for the signer. The remaining two sections in the text tags are designated for optional fields: placeholder text and field ID. The supported fields type can be placed in the document, which is a required tag.

Syntax and Example

 {{*Field type*|*Signer Index*|*Required*|*Field label*|*Field ID*}}
 {{text|1|*|Enter name|field_1}}
Field typeRequiredField type can be text, sign, init, etc.
Signer IndexRequiredThe index of signers to which the form fields should be assigned to the signers.
RequiredWhether this is required or not.
Field labelThis will be displayed as the placeholder for text fields.
Field IDThis will be the field identifier. Supported characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphen, and underscore.

Asynchronous processing

The text tags are supported in both document and template process. Please refer the following section to know more about how the document/template are processed

Document / Template not found

Learn more about document/template not found in the following section: