How to manage API rate limits in BoldSign?

BoldSign API offers powerful features to enhance your application, but adhering to rate limits is crucial for maintaining system stability and performance.

BoldSign enforces rate limits to ensure fair usage and distribute loads evenly across the system. Both API keys and OAuth API calls are subject to the same rate limit structure. It's important to be aware of these limits to effectively design your application's interaction with the BoldSign API.

  • In a Live or Production environment, you're allowed a maximum of 2000 requests per hour per account.

  • In the Sandbox mode, you can make up to 50 requests per hour per account.

Strategies for managing rate limits

1. Rate Limit Awareness: Begin by understanding the rate limits applicable to your account type (production or sandbox). This knowledge will inform your application's behavior and guide your optimization efforts.

2. Prioritize Crucial Requests: Identify and prioritize critical API requests for your application's core functionality. In cases of nearing rate limits, ensure these essential requests are not compromised.

3. Internal Rate Limiting: Implement an internal rate limiting mechanism within your application. This self-imposed control can prevent your app from unintentionally exceeding the rate limits.

4. Regular Monitoring and Optimization: Keep an eye on your application's API usage and performance. If you consistently approach rate limits, take the opportunity to optimize your code and fine-tune your application's behavior.

5. Leverage Webhooks: Utilize webhooks to receive real-time updates from the API. Webhooks reduce the need for frequent polling of APIs, easing the pressure on rate limits.

Refer to this article for configuring webhooks: Configure webhooks .

6. Collaboration with Support: In cases where your use case demands specific API usage, don't hesitate to engage with BoldSign's support team. They can provide tailored guidance to ensure optimal API utilization.

Effectively managing your application's interaction with the BoldSign API is essential for both performance and reliability. By internalizing the rate limits, applying the outlined strategies, and maintaining a proactive approach to optimization, you can ensure that your application seamlessly integrates with the BoldSign API while respecting the defined rate limits.