Create an API app with BoldSign

BoldSign offers robust support for integrating its powerful e-signature functionalities into your applications.

Follow these steps to create an API app with BoldSign:


Before you begin, make sure you have the following:

  1. A BoldSign account: Sign up at BoldSign Signup. if you don't have an account already.
  2. API credentials: Obtain your API credentials from the BoldSign application after logging in.

Steps to create an API app

Step 1: Create a new API app

To create an OAuth app, refer to the article Create an OAuth app

Step 2: API integration

  1. In your application's codebase, incorporate the necessary libraries for making API requests. BoldSign provides SDKs and comprehensive documentation for various programming languages.
  2. Use your API credentials to authenticate your app with the BoldSign API.

Step 3: Making API requests

  1. Explore the BoldSign API documentation to comprehend the available endpoints and request parameters. Refer to the BoldSign API Documentation for detailed guidance.
  2. Construct and send API requests from your application to BoldSign's servers.
  3. Manage API responses in your application's code to implement the desired functionalities.

Step 4: Testing and debugging

  1. During development, leverage the sandbox or test environments provided by BoldSign. This ensures your application works seamlessly without affecting real data.
  2. Utilize error handling mechanisms to manage unexpected responses or issues.

Step 5: Deployment and monitoring

  1. Once your app is tested and functioning correctly, you can deploy it to your production environment.
  2. Monitor your app's usage and performance using the BoldSign Developer Console.
  3. Regularly review API logs and usage metrics to identify and address any potential issues

These integration steps enable you to create an API app using BoldSign, enhancing your applications with seamless e-signature capabilities. By following the outlined steps, you've harnessed the power of BoldSign's API to elevate your software projects to the next level.