How do I know whether my document or template is ready for eSignature?

When you create a document or template using BoldSign's APIs, you receive a document or template ID immediately, even though the document or template creation is not yet completed. This is because BoldSign uses an asynchronous process to create documents and templates.

Why do I receive an ID before the document or template is completely ready?

Our document processing operates asynchronously. The asynchronous process allows you to start working on other tasks while BoldSign creates your document or template in the background. This can save you time and improve your workflow. When you initiate the document creation process through the v1/document/send endpoint or the template creation process through the v1/template/create endpoint, you receive a document ID or a template ID immediatly. However, the actual processing of the uploaded files and the creation of the document or template occur in the background. During this background processing, we perform a comprehensive validation for the provided inputs and parameters.

How do I know when my document or template is ready?

We strongly recommend configuring webhooks to receive notifications about the completion of document or template creation. Webhooks will inform you of any errors encountered during the processing stage. Similarly, if the document or template creation is successful, you will also receive notifications via webhooks.

To get more information about webhooks, please refer to this documentation: Introduction about webhooks

To set up callbacks on your local machine, please refer to this documentation: Listen for callbacks.

For information about the events available in BoldSign, consult this documentation: Sample event data.