API Explorer

API Explorer is an interactive web application and an excellent way to try our endpoints without writing any code. You can use them to build, view, and send HTTP requests that call BoldSign APIs. API Explorer lets you test your requests using actual sandbox or production resources in your account, such as documents, templates, and user objects.

To play with API Explorer, all you need is a developer sandbox account.

How to use API explorer

To use the BoldSign API Explorer,

  • Navigate to the US region API explorer or the EU region API explorer, depending on your preferred region.
  • Click the Authorize button and provide the X-API-KEY (Retrieve the key by following this link), then click Authorize.
  • Next, select any API. For instance, I have chosen the List Document API and clicked the Try it out button.
  • Clicking on Execute will return the list of documents from your account.