Integrate embedded requests in your website or application


Integrating embedded requests into your application allows you to seamlessly incorporate BoldSign's powerful functionalities within your app's user interface.

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate embedded requests into your application

1. Identify the functionality

Determine the specific BoldSign functionality you want to integrate into your application. Depending on your use case, you can choose to embed different functionalities:

  • Embedded Document Creation: If you want to enable users to create documents from scratch within your application, follow the steps outlined in the Embedded Document Creation guide.

  • Embedded Template Creation: If you're looking to allow users to create reusable templates, refer to the Embedded Template Creation guide.

BoldSign offers support for a range of embedded functionalities including:

  • Embedded document creation
  • Embedded document creation from template
  • Embedded document signing
  • Embedded template creation
  • Embedded edit template

2. Obtain access and API keys

Ensure you have the necessary credentials to authenticate your application with BoldSign's services:

3. Pass relevant data

Facilitate data transfer between your application and the embedded content. This can involve sending user inputs, parameters, and configuration settings to customize the experience.

4. Embed the content

To integrate the embedded requests into your applications using iFrame, use the following steps:

Creating an iFrame element

<iframe src=";dfeab145-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-d705b85823c8" style="width:100%;height:100%"/>

Setting iFrame attributes

  • src: Specifies the URL of the content you want to embed.
  • width and height: Define the dimensions of the iframe.
  • title: Provides a description of the iframe's purpose for accessibility.

Styling iFrames

Apply CSS styles to iframes just like any other HTML element. Use classes or inline styles to control dimensions, borders, and more.

5. Handle user interaction

Design your app's UI to facilitate user interaction with the embedded content. Include buttons, forms, or interactive elements to trigger actions.


By following the above steps and customizing them according to the specific BoldSign service and functionalities you're integrating, you can seamlessly embed requests within your application. This integration enhances user experience and streamlines workflows, providing a cohesive environment for users to complete their tasks.