Why can't I access older envelopes in my Sandbox account?

If you've noticed that you're no longer able to access older envelopes that you previously created in your sandbox account, this is an expected behavior with this account. Here's why:

When you sign up for a free sandbox account with BoldSign, you gain access to an environment for testing and building integrations with BoldSign's electronic signature platform. It's important to note that this developer sandbox account has some specific characteristics:

  • No permanent storage: Your sandbox account is designed for testing purposes, and as such, it does not provide permanent storage for your documents.

  • Document lifespan: All documents signed within the sandbox account are automatically watermarked, and they are set to be deleted after 14 days of their creation. This ensures that your test data does not accumulate and remains in a controlled environment.

Remember that while your sandbox account is not intended for long-term document storage, it provides a valuable platform for testing, development, and ensuring the smooth integration of BoldSign's electronic signature capabilities into your applications.