Event metadata

Event metadata contains information about the webhooks event such as the event ID, type, created date and time, client ID, and environment.

    "event": {
        "id": "e4ca1621-bbc7-4c9a-9e81-81d107589690",
        "created": 1614933645,
        "eventType": "Sent",
        "clientId": "e4ca1621-bbc7-4c9a-9e81-81d107589690",
        "environment": "Test"
idThis is a unique id for the event.
createdUnix timestamp of the event.
eventTypeRepresents the type of event. There are 11 types of events that can be listened from the webhooks.
clientIdThe client id of the developer app to which the webhook is currently linked.
environmentThe environment of the webhooks, either Test (Sandbox) or Live.